Even in the 80’s I was looking to travel as soon as possible.

My husband had one of those jobs that sling you around the world every two years or so. In 13 years we managed to live in 6 states, 3 countries, move 9 times and live in about 12 different types of dwellings.

My personality is a bit introverted and I had high anxiety in my 20’s & early 30’s. I went from being nervous about everything into not even realizing how many milestones I conquered in the time traveled.

Your realize traveling isn’t like Facebook or Pinterest. There is canceled flights, lost luggage and various minor catastrophes that happen in weird places and bad situations. With those you come up stronger and smarter. There is the perpetual lie that is somehow ingrained in all of us that failing is bad or wrong. Life is just like an experiment.

LEARN then

My friends call me Sarah.

I have a loud genuine laugh and have a deeper well of empathy than most people. I appreciate trees, hammocks, the way your skin smells after being in the sun too long, I really love good words (like wabi-sabi) and people who aren’t scared to hug back. Being creative comes pretty natural and if I’m not designing or painting. I am really trying to develop the process on this website to A) Find a specific voice B) Find a specific demographic to share that voice C) Share my experiences and thoughts to help shake and wake others up to let them know they don’t HAVE to listen to what’s out there.

Let’s unplug a bit (really – it’s the only thing that helped give me the kick I needed.) and dig around in the dirt again like we did as kids. Let’s ask some hard questions, let’s hang out together and turn off the filters. Let’s see the wrinkles, the tears, the joy, the REAL in you and me. We’re pack animals. We’re meant to be in tribes. I propose we jump off the little islands we’ve been told we need to have and work together and share with others.

Let’s start being genuine and peels back those layers we think we need to always have on.

You: Okay Sarah, I’ve made it this far and I’m intrigued
Me: Cool dude, welcome to my world.
You: So where do I start?
Me: Let’s take the how do you feel test
You: Where’s the test(s)?
Me: Dangit, hold on, I’ll be back in a few… I’m juggling the 87 hats that I’m wearing in life and all I want to do is figure out how to WordPress and write…