Wedding Toast Speech Help

It took me a long time to write this. Some people have an easy time standing up and winging a heartfelt speech. I’m a natural at shaking like a leaf and being terrified of public speaking in front of 100 ish people. If this can help you write a wedding speech for someone that is depending on you to be a little cute and a little clever, by all means, chop this up and dress it up as you need to.

ACTUAL WORDS I SAID >> Recent research has indicated that the average individual listens for only seventeen seconds before interrupting, so I’ll really try to keep this short….er. I’m going to skip over being funny or tell embarrassing stories about my sister (cough – insert inside joke here) and give her some real advice on love and marriage.

So most people get married believing this myth that marriage is this beautiful box full of all the things they have longed for; companionship, intimacy, friendship, etc. The truth – is that marriage at the start is an empty box. You have to put something in before you can take anything out. There is no love in marriage. Love is in people. People put the love in marriage. There is no romance in marriage. YOU have to infuse it into your marriage. As a couple you must learn the art and form the habit of giving, loving, being kind, having respect, and keeping the box full. If you take out more than you put in – the box will be empty.

While this special day cements a date you can celebrate annually, it’s the little things that keep love going. Marriage isn’t really about a wedding, it just marks a particular day to start keeping time with family and friends.

Dear sister you come from a long line of happy marriages. Grandma and Grandpa were married for ___ years. Mom and Dad, cheers to you guys, you’re on lucky number _____. Our older (sibling) and (his/her spouse) are on their _____. Welcome to the club.

(Insert Groomsname), I know I’m beating a dead horse, but just a friendly reminder never forget those nine little words now that you are married . . . “I’m sorry” “Of course dear and most importantly “I was wrong”

And finally, the best advice I was given about marriage that I will pass along to you two – three little words
ALWAYS . . . FIGHT . . . . NAKED.