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The Ultimate Kid Friendly Activity List for not quite Houston but in Richmond, Katy, and Sugar Land, Texas

Okay friends and future friends. I’ve lived her for a solid year and a half so that makes me officially an expert. (Hahaha, yeah right.) I’ve picked up a few places from asking around and from exploring places on our own. On average, we live in a location for about two years so I’m always trying to collect as much information as possible as fast as possible. Many websites tend to post the happenings in Houston, but traffic can sometimes take over an hour to get there. If you live in the Richmond, Sugar Land and Katy, Texas areas these activities are closer for you to enjoy.

Note: this is my opinion from my personal experiences, some places may vibe better than others for you. I also tried to deviate from the typical list that I’ve seen on other places, but if I miss a favorite activity or place of yours in the area ,I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

This is a handy list to bookmark and help you find activities that is fun for YOU BOTH, yes you Mom and Dad, AND your Littles.


They have wonderful coffee and an outdoor playground for kids to explore. Do you really need anything else?
 They have these incredibly stunning old oak trees overlooking the play area. It has quite a relaxing ambiance. Blockhouse serves breakfast and lunch.  They hold a cool funky modern vibe with a lot of interesting events.  This one is a must visit. 611 Jackson Street, Suite C, Richmond, Texas.


No Label Brewing is one of our favorites for a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. They are both dog and kid friendly, and it is incredibly laid back brewery that has both indoor and outdoor areas. I always feel like we stepped back in time in a good way. No one is on their phone or smart tablet, kids are playing outside, throwing a football or wheeling around on bikes or scooters, or playing on the large swing set.  Adults are laughing and enjoying each others company. People talking to people! We typically bring a tricycle for our 3 year old to scoot around in. One time we caught her teaching other kids how to make shadow puppets. No Label Brewing is built in an old grain rail depot. This is the place in Katy, Texas to grab an ice cold beer and enjoy the outdoors. Food trucks and bands populate the place on the weekends and they have trivia on Wednesdays.


The ambiance here is straight out of a page book from Chip and Joanna. They also allow kids until 4pm or 6pm (I’ll have to double check one of these days.) They serve beer and wine and you can bring your own food in which is super cool. I’ve seen anywhere from charcuterie boards to pizza. Weekends they have food trucks and rock Wine Bingo and Trivia on certain nights (it varies so check out their website linked above in their name.)

MAJESTKIDS in Sugar Land, TX

While my husband and I still argue over how to pronounce it, Majestkids is a great place to burn off steam in the summer or on a rainy day. There are numerous and wonderful play areas for ALL ages. My daughter could play here all day if we had the time. They have good smoothies and a wide variety of food for breakfast or lunch. My toddler runs out of steam and is due for a nap before my 3 year old ever loses interest here. They are polite, it’s super clean, there is a private nursing room and a separate American Ninja Warrior type section for the bigger kids. It’s a great place in Sugar Land, Texas to explore with the kids. Check their calendar on the Majestkids website, they have discounts and events posted monthly.


Hooray Playground in Katy, TX
Hooray Playground in Katy, Texas is similar to Majestkids but it’s small and in Katy. I’d recommend going on Groupon and finding a discount pass. It is a lot noiser, there are these air guns that shoot these hallow plastic balls. So if you think you can take your sleeping baby in there while your older kid runs around, well, I’ve tried that and failed. There is still a variety of activities for various age type to keep them occupied and happy.


This is the best splash pad we have found near us. A local pal told us about this gem. There is a regular playground right next to it and a neighborhood pool. (You have to have a key to get in the pool area and unfortunately there are no bathrooms either! Something weird I learned about Texas, it’s rare to have a public restroom.) The splash pad has a zip line near by as well for the older kids.


Okay, I did say I wasn’t going to go into Houston, but this is worth adding. We got a season pass as per recommended and I’m glad we did. There’s so much to see: splash pad, petting zoo, playground, gorgeous old oak trees and the animals of course. It’s so big you can’t see everything in one day. There are plenty of indoor exhibits even for the rainy days. Weirdly enough my favorite thing about it are the old oak trees, though the girls dig the elephants the best. During Christmas time they have a zoo lights event that is magical. I would also recommend skipping the Houston Aquarium, it isn’t too big and the Zoo has a small aquarium as well if you need your fish fix.



It takes a little bit of navigating to find. (Go to the last building and keep wandering until you find someone and head towards the middle of the building, you will eventually find it.) It’s free, it’s clean, it’s safe and it’s big to burn all that crazy monkey energy kids have and adults try to find in coffee.

Children’s Discover Museum in Sugar Land, TX

With 12,500 square feet of interactive exhibits there is enough to see and do for all ages. They can learn about other cultures around the world, dress up as a fireman, ride in a pretend ambulance, cook at a pretend diner. It’s constantly changing and worth trying out at least once.

KATY MILLS MALL (Bonus Altitude Trampoline Park)

Besides having a lot of great outlet stores, inside Katy Mills is a free kid play area, an arcade and a trampoline park. It’s a great place to stretch your legs during the hot summers and stay entertained.  Bonus – the trampoline park inside the mall is called Altitude Trampoline Park and has a toddler area. Check prices here.

CHICK-FIL-A play areas

Not being from the South I did not realize how many events they have for kids at Chick-Fil-A. You can typically score free food or go for an event with the kids. They also have great indoor play areas. Grab a coffee if you don’t want a meal and have the kids play at the indoor playground. (I’m sensing a theme at lots of these places, coffee + playground = happy Moms.)

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