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Things to Remember About Being Pregnant

Long story short – after 8 years of marriage, we finally came around to the prospect of creating a little blend of us. Needless to say everyone had opinions and suggestions for me being pregnant. The most annoying truth I found is that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. The way the hormones pump through you from weight gain, sex drive and other issues. Even during the baby classes we took, every Mama, baby and delivery is different. We’re like little annoying snowflakes. (Annoying because there is no way to predict anything and I’m the kinda gal who likes to be prepared.) Here are things I want to remember that happened to me.

Pregnant Progression

Sure the first trimester my newest friend was the porcelain kind. I remember hugging my husband one morning and his cologne was too strong – tossed my cookies. I was ironing a shirt with narrow stripes – got too dizzy and threw up. But right around the 2nd trimester, the mercy of the Gods decided to turn the extreme nausea tap off. Fist pump!

What helped >> NOT Saltine Crackers (I’m not a parrot), Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea, Ginger Chews, DoTerra Lemon Essential Oil, coconut water. (Note: With my second kid, I personally had an extremely good luck with a homeopathy called Nux Vomica. The name sounds super weird but when I was pregnant with my second kid in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia it is the only thing that worked. You can find it in Sprouts and health food stores. Check with your doctor as per usual.)

Note: I am not a huge exercise buff. If I can do this, I feel like almost anyone can. (Please use common sense, talk to your doctor first and don’t take my word on anything, I am by zero means a professional on this stuff.) After I lost 5 lbs (normal when puking in the 1st trimester) I got into light walking 10-30 minutes, then squats and swimming. Starting at 20 squats a day I worked my way up to about 60. Swimming helped increase my lung capacity, and is an encouraged exercise for preggos. I so loved the floating part! I was quite active and flexible up until my 9th month. There is a sort of pride that happens when one is 8 months pregnant and can still tie their shoes and pick stuff up off the floor. All this will help with delivery too. Interesting article on squats vs. kegels. Make a little chart and track your weight too. It will keep you reaching for those apples instead of donuts.

Coffee? Depending on what your doc says no problem. I did two-ish or less a day.
Why over stuff your face with garbage when you know you need to be in the best possible “fighting shape” for delivery? I heard horror stories from my friends who gained 50-70 lbs. Don’t get me wrong there were times I had cookies and the darker side of the food spectrum, but I was also into juicing, salads and yummy healthy items too.

I was so scared the first trimester since this was my first child. Everything sounded like a huge danger. Then I stumbled upon this book. Written by an economist, it explores the no no lists when pregnant.  It calmed me down a ton! I wish this would have been my first book. Expecting Better by Emily Oster

Yes, I will throw down the I got lucky card and thanks for the genes Ma. I was lucky enough to grab that pregnant glow though I think I can credit a bit of that to a balanced diet and exercise. I had some ladies say they gained 60+ pounds and had acne real bad but then they admitted to doing nothing but eating fast food and gallons of ice cream. As good as I felt after the 1st trimester, pregnancy is no picnic. Yes it’s an incredible, crazy, amazing, indescribable experience, but there are plenty of aches and growing pains that go with it. Back pain, heartburn, brain fog, ligament pain, headaches, not sleeping through the night. Things I want to remember in case my brain remembers back to nothing but rose color windows. Chiropractic and acupuncture helped get me through to the end. I strongly recommend both if you can.

I dare not rant and rave about how incredibly awesome my husband is because I don’t want anyone to get too jealous. We’ve been besties for a while then got hitched and have remained incredibly close as each year passes. I didn’t think we could get closer or have more fun but this pregnancy has really done it. There’s been a lot of laughter and bonding between the two (three) of us. That is a little sweet spot I know will continue to grow. Hint, make a playlist for the birth, the nurses and doctors will enjoy it as well and it will keep you in a positive mindset.

Pick up some very basic basics. SERIOUS! 2-3 Gap maternity t-shirts, 2 long sleeved shirts and a pair of maternity pants or two. (Because what woman nowadays doesn’t have a ton of stretchy leggings already?) I bought some maternity clothes too soon in panic mode. I could wear most of my normal clothes for over half the time. I figured I’d puff up like a marshmallow in the microwave but I didn’t. It’s hard to guess the growth on things. If you can, WAIT! Or borrow. My maternity clothes are the 1st layer and I tend to add a sweater or cardigan or un-buttoned shirt. Easy peasy. Don’t fall into the buy crap trap. And nursing bras! Buy them with thick straps. Those smaller straps that used to do are no good to you. (I found sports bras worked well as nursing bras as well.) As great as big boobs sound, you gotta support those gals.

Pregnant Growth

The end is near! 6 weeks to go. I’m sure this will be updated or there will be a part two of things to remember.

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