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The new shampoo trend that works

Plastic Sucks

I am taking steps to become better at my carbon footprint, because let’s face it, we all are a little guilty of overdoing it in the plastic department. Plastic is everywhere. I’ve been leaning in the direction of reusable straws, bags, kitchenware. I have also gotten in the habit of always having collapsible tupperware in my purse when we eat out to use instead of the styrofoam to go box. I recently have had the time to realized how much waste is in our bathroom,  namely shampoo and conditioner bottles. Everyone shampoos, so I started exploring what other options are out there for shampoo and hair products. I saw a few companies that did refills on bottles which sounded good but then I stumbled upon shampoo bars. The perfect zero waste shampoo product. It is literally a bar of soap but holds magic inside my dear friend.

New Wave of Hair Magic

For me the bar was set low in my head on this shampoo bar but I have wanted to try these for a while. I’m not the kind of person that just goes out there and buys the latest product. I sit and think and research on it. Well the day came and I found a LUSH store and I went in, had a chat with the very friendly, helpful salesperson and they helped me choose the proper shampoo bar for my hair type. I live in a humid climate and have straight, fine hair that gets greasy easily. I found a nice lemon option and also got a conditioning bar as well.

I had an incredible experience in the store itself and did not realize how cool this store I’ve vaguely heard about. The smells alone are worth going to explore. Now I have technically been living overseas for about four years so try not to judge too harshly if you can’t believe I’ve never used LUSH. And if you haven’t heard of LUSH then welcome to the wonderful world of happy hair products and more.

My Personal Hair Experience

I figured it would wash my hair with this shampoo bar and it would be okay. I would be helping the environment but my hair would just turn out mediocre. Was I wrong! I did NOT expect magic from this shampoo bar. THIS SHAMPOO BAR IS PURE MAGIC.  I’m pretty sure it has unicorn breath and angel wishes and gumdrop dreams mixed in. I lathered up the bar, rubbed the bar on my hair a few times and rinsed it out. Then used a conditioning bar. (I use the conditioning bar sometimes but I wasn’t as impressed with it. Maybe I got the wrong one for my hair type but I haven’t figured out the proper conditioner to balance it yet. I typically just don’t use conditioner or use my daughter’s spray in conditioner.

I can totally tell the difference between using regular shampoo and this shampoo bar. I have body and bounce and my hair is smooth and gorgeous. The photos above show me on the far left coming fresh from the salon with a new haircut. The other two photos on the right is just me blow drying my hair using just the shampoo bar. Somehow it looks like I put product in my hair and it holds almost like hairspray. This small shampoo bar somehow cleans my hair, leaves it feeling extra smooth and fresh and gives me the bounce and hold that I need. I have gone back to my old shampoo just to see if I could tell the difference. Maybe I was just having a weird magical hair day by accident but nope, it really is the shampoo bar. Time and time again I am just blown away by this shampoo bar. It retails at around $12 and is good for about 80 washes depending on how much hair you have, because obviously, pixie cut will last longer than Rapunzel hair. I’ve used it in my 3 year olds hair and also notice it’s glossier when I use the LUSH shampoo bar on her. Also note, the employee said the dryer you keep the shampoo bar the longer it lasts. (If you leave it in the shower and water is constantly running over it, it’s gonna break down faster. ) It’s also perfect for traveling since it’s not a liquid you can take it with you through the airport.  I’m putting this down as a win for everyone.

I am also now hooked on LUSH. They are a responsible company with ethical buying, hand make their products and they take their commitment to protecting people, animals and the planet seriously. And that is a company we can all support more. Read more here about their policy.

The Cliff Notes of Lush Shampoo Bars

SHORT STORY:  TRY A LUSH SHAMPOO BAR your hair and the environment will thank you. They run around $12 and the longest one has lasted me is 4 months. Don’t leave it in the water or it WILL melt away. Buy a tin from the store.

I first used I used GODIVA SHAMPOO BAR which gave me good volume and HONEY I WASHED MY HAIR and while it doesn’t leave it as soft and silky the incredible scent of honey from HONEY I WASHED MY HAIR lasts in my hair and is better than any perfume I’ve ever tried. The SEANIK gives me great condition and volume.

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